At La Queue du Chat, the entire chain of production of our products - from the cotton flower to the manufacturing- is certified GOTS in order to guarantee toxic and chemical free products.

Non-organic clothes put the skin in contact with chemical residues that remain even after many washes. Organic cotton does not contain any allergenic, toxic or cancerogenic substances that can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled. Furthermore, the farming of organic cotton improves the quality of the soil and water. It uses 91% less water, 62% less energy than traditional cotton. It does not use any toxic chemical products and avoid farmers getting into debts over the purchase of fertilizers. 

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is THE international reference for organic textile that covers the cotton flower all the way to the final steps of manufacturing to offer a trustworthy guarantee to the final consumer. 

The environmental and social standards required are very high as well as those applicable to human toxicity. The use of Chlorine, PVC, nickel and chrome are not allowed. Heavy metals, formaldehyde and genetic modifications are totally banned. All the social criteria set by the International Labour Organisation have to be implemented.

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