Our values are reflected in our choice of a manufacturing partner and are echoed throughout the way we do business. We aim to be respectful of the environment, of the well-being of the producers and artisans. All our clothes are manufactured in Umergam, Gujarat, India, a coastal town located some 150 km north of Mumbai. The factory works exclusively with organic cotton. The whole production chain complies with Fundamental Rights. Among those rights, workers (all adults of course) are ensured to get a fair wage, an equal pay and fair access to qualified jobs between male and females, as well as a medical insurance for the workers and their families.

Beyond our commitment to ensure fairetrade practices all along the production chain we support projects that benefit the community. In India We are currently assisting an orphanage by contributing to its rent payments in the locality where our baby clothes are manufactured. With the growth of our activities, we are hoping to increase that support. We also aim to become involved with a school in the area where our cotton is grown (Dahr). In France, we send each year a stock of baby & children clothes to charities that provide essential assistance to homeless mothers.


YES! The productivity is meant to be at 50% to what it could be if we weren't committed to environmental and fairtrade practices. A choice which reflects values and a philosophy we share with our manufacturing partner and you as well.


The whole production chain is certified FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organizations)
The Factory is also certified SA8000 (Social Accountability).